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    Renewable energy sources represent a pragmatic opportunity for sustainable development. Both the European Union and other countries adopted financial measures of strong and incisive support in order to stimulate the adoption of renewable sources for the energy production. In the EU-27, the share of energy consumption obtained from renewable sources was, in 2008, 10,3% and the commitment for 2020 is to achieve the objective of 20% renewable sources, 20% energy saving and 20% CO2 reduction. Romania has been one of the first countries to transpose the 2001/77/CE Directive in the national legislation. Romanian energy market, with its exponential growth and growing interest generated by the investors, will certainly acquire a leading role in the European context.

    An investment is tenable if it relies on technology and products that guarantee performance over time. ENERGY STREET has the skills and knowledge to guide the investors in search for interesting, concrete and reliable opportunities. We offer a global service for the investments in the field of renewable sources of energy, especially photovoltaic energy, by joining you in all the necessary phases for the development of the operation and by offering you optimal solutions of high value.

    Energy Street provides Design, Construction and Project Management of large photovoltaic systems. ENERGY STREET provides the best expertise currently available on the market, providing capable technical specialists with international experience, credited with producing hundreds of MWp. Thanks to the collaboration with qualified business partners, our company is able to provide excellent services for its clients by responding to the most diverse needs. We propose our clients the best solutions based on quality/price ratio and protecting them against inappropriate choices.