Project manager

The PROJECT MANAGER plays a fundamental role in the development of the new projects.

The P. M. in close collaboration with our operational structures is promoting, for ENERGY STREET ROMANIA, the complete execution of the system for producing renewable energy (photovoltaic park, hydro power plant,…).

ENERGY STREET’s PROJECT MANAGER not only signals the potential clients but also, after negotiating, collects data and documentation necessary in drafting the project, establishes economic and financial prognosis, and assists the client until the completion and testing of the photovoltaic system.

PROJECT MANAGER is a person with high professional skills who enjoys the confidence of its clients, He may be a TEHNICIAN (ARCHITECT, ENGINEER, INDUSTRY EXPERT, and INSPECTOR) or an ASSESOR (ACCOUNTANT, ECONOMIST etc). The tasks you intend to accomplish for ENERGY STREET will be regulated and protected by a contract.

Fill out the contact form or send a presentation and/or CV to and you will be immediately contacted.