Green Certificates and Energy sales

Green Certificates

In Romania, law 220.2008 provides a system for the promotion of electricity from renewable sources lasting 15 years.

The network operator has to show the producer of energy from renewable sources, every month, the green certificates for the amount of electricity produced and fed into the grid.

The number of green certificates received depends on the type of renewable source.

There are 4 Green Certificates + 2 from 01/01/2017 that are being issued for the electricity produced through solar energy per MWh.

The green certificate market value is about 40Euro.




Energy Sales

The price of electricity is determined by the market.

The average price of the electricity market is € 40/MWh.

The transport and system operator and the distribution operators are obliged to guarantee the transport and the distribution of the electricity produced from renewable sources by ensuring reliability and security of the electricity network.